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Design for Snow Miku 2014 ver.chosen.


Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera kawan kawan :3
Hari ni Ain nak cerita Pasal design baju Miku Hatsune,Korang kenal tak sapa Miku Hatsune kalau kenal bagus hihihih :D


Snow Miku 2014 design from piapro

Design for next year's Snow Miku was voted live on GoodSmileCompany's online stream,called
Hatsune Miku no Jikan.This year's theme was "magic",so the winning design also reflects this,presenting a cute Snow Miku Witch with a magic hat and wand.This design will be used for the upcoming Nendoroid at least,and probably some related figures/game models as well.An accompanying pet-A rabbit fairy-was also chosen.Personally, I like this year's design better than the 2013 version (Strawberry daifuku).


Picture from piapro, news via Nendonesia and Mikufan..

Ok bye Assalamualaikum :3